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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that Redeemer is a Presbyterian Church?

As a presbyterian church we meet with other churches in the Piedmont Triad to share God's work, study His word, and meet to pray and worship. We believe the church is not merely the local congregation, but it is also a regional body consisting of all the congregations and teaching elders in a geographical area; this body is called the Presbytery. Redeemer belongs to the Piedmont Triad Presbytery.


Is Redeemer Affiliated with a Denomination?

Yes, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a relatively new denomination, formed in 1973 with the goal to take the elements of the Reformation into the 21st century - being true to Scripture, the Reformers, and the Great Commission of Jesus. God has grown the PCA into 1200 congregations and 233,000 members across North America. Overseas the denomination is represented by over 600 foreign missionaries in more than sixty countries. Redeemer shares the denominational vision to take the gospel to our neighbors and every nation.


Why the name Redeemer?

God is called the Redeemer many times in the Bible.  A redeemer is someone who pays a price to release a slave from bondage and misery. The members of Redeemer Church acknowledge that we have been in bondage to sin, and that when we truly live as free people we are eager to worship God as the one who paid the price to release us from that bondage.


How can I learn more about Redeemer or how to become a church member?

Joining Redeemer as a member is a simple, yet significant process. It means you want to become connected to people at Redeemer spiritually and relationally, rather than live in isolation. The path to membership is designed so that you will know exactly what you are committing to as you join Redeemer’s community of believers. About four times a year, we offer a Discovering Redeemer course. The course covers the history, vision, doctrine, and philosophy of Redeemer. Discovering Redeemer is the first step towards membership, although membership is not required of those who attend! Fill out the interest form or contact Lisa Turner, Redeemer’s Membership Administrator, at for details on how to participate.


Do I have to do or give something to attend worship services?

Absolutely not. The worship service is always God’s (and our) gift to you. Newcomers should feel no obligation to put money in the offering, receive communion, or participate in any of the other aspects of the service. We are merely glad you are here and hope you feel the acceptance of God in our attitudes towards you as a newcomer.


How are children included?

Children are an important part of the worship service. We love to see families worshipping together, even if little one. During all services there is also warm and loving care for babies and preschoolers, as well as Worship Training during the sermon for children in Kindergarten through Third Grade. We also have an Equipping Hour (see below) between the two worship services with classes for adults and children.


Is there Sunday School?

Yes, we have what we call an “Equipping Hour” for all ages with classes that meet between the two worship services.The bulletin usually has the adult classes listed, or a greeter in the lobby or at the Children’s Ministry desk will be happy to direct you. You are welcome to explore any class at any point in the year!


I have a question that isn’t listed here.

We’re so happy for your interest! Contact the church office (336) 724-2217 or, or fill out a bulletin tear off and we’ll help you get answers to whatever question(s) you might have about Redeemer.