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Redeemer believes that the Bible is the written word of God. We believe that it is flawless in its original manuscripts as a text inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Bible reveals God’s truth and cannot be disproven; therefore, it leads our faith and practice.

We believe in the Holy Trinity which exists as one God, eternally as three persons including the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in those who believe in God and supplies the strength and wisdom needed to follow Christ.

We believe that all of us are sinners who would be condemned without the grace of God. We cannot save ourselves from God’s displeasure, but His mercy reconciles us with Him. We cannot earn our salvation and God alone chooses those He will save based on His grace.

Jesus Christ is our savior and the eternal Son of God. He lived a perfect life and his sacrificial death atoned for the sins of all who trust solely in Him for their salvation.

We believe God to be gracious and faithful to those who trust in Him both as individuals and as families across generations.

We believe that Jesus will return in a visible body to judge all humanity and welcome his followers to Himself.

We believe that all we do in life should glorify God as we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.